Anyone can enjoy Birzzle™ by directly touching the bird on the screen. From variety of items to the adorable birds, Birzzle™ provides a nonstop gameplay which is fun & attractive.

Birzzle™ inludes 3 different modes which are fun and addictive modes. Enjoy free movements in Classic mode, Play like an Puzzle on Ice Break Mode. Compete with friends in Pandora mode.

Stop playing games with complicated control methods. In Birzzle™, players can experience the quick and flexible operating control which in return provides a continuous gameplay.

A perfect performance sync with Retina display™ which will provide better graphics experience on the iPhone 4 and ipod touch applied Retina Display™. (And non-retina display supported also)

The adorable background music is a perfect match with cute birds which will send the gamer a cheerful message. Enjoy Birzzle™ in a full volume for a 100% fun !!

Birzzle™ is supported by Game Center™. Birzzle™'s high score and the leaderboards may be synced for score comparison between friends for a interesting play.

Check out videos of Birzzle™ at YouTube. Compare how we’d enjoy and who’s good at. Worldwide Birzzle™ users uploading their videos!

In Pandora Mode, you can compete against your friends. Purchase & Use Eggs and get a high score! Move your finger as fast as you can and get high marks.

Languages : English, Korean
Release Date : April 05, 2011 (Birzzle™ v1.0) / May 05, 2011 (Birzzle™ HD v1.1.0)
Compatibility : iPhone, iPod touch (Birzzle™) / iPad (Birzzle™ HD) / Android (Birzzle™ Android)
OS : iOS 4.0 or later (iOS 4 is not supported Game Center), Android 2.1 or Higher

We prepared wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, PC and your Mac.

See Birzzle™ Official Video!

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